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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Music For the Masses

Music like sport has become an elitist pursuit. Only people who excel at either activity tend to pursue them.
Recently I have reclaimed my musical life in the hopes of advancing my daughter's interest in playing a musical instrument. I found myself feeling slightly disheartened when I realized no amount of practice would make me James Galway, famous Irish Flutist. But after a few session of playing with my daughter, I felt much better. Here was a family activity, that was enjoyable and educational. Music, and the ability to play and instrament, no matter how amateurishly, has always been a means of relaxation to me. The accomplishment of playing a tune through with no mistakes replenishes my soul.
This is an activity too few people pursue. Music has become a spectator sport. Music, like physical education, is focused on the best and most capable players. Pick up a tin whistle or a recorder, it's a low cost investment that may bring you hours of pleasure.

Note: a radio documentary about the place of music in our lives is available for download at

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