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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Internal Camouflage

I sit here in my pink passion chemise from Frederick's of Hollywood and I wonder what is everyone else wearing under their casual jeans, make-up, and unknown psyche.

Is this outfit so unlike the 'me' that people imagine that I would be laughed out of bed for wearing it? Is it just left overs from teen-aged Halloweens where we always seemed to dress up like hookers, no matter what we called that year's costume.

These clothes make me feel good, make me feel feminine- I have too often been accused of being the opposite which is no doubt the reason I love such costumes.
But my boldness in attire has only come with age. At 25, I would not have had the confidence to walk into such a store let alone try something on and buy it. It is with the maturity of my 30's that I learned how to really be me .

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