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Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Google Yourself

Today I did my not so routine Google check of my name and aliases. I found that I continue to be most widely available in relation to my Thesis: Sport, Tradition and Women in Competitive Muay Thai. My name comes up along with this title on websites in English, Thai, and Japanese.

My next claim to fame is my writing life which has left a minor footprint as a noted member of The Bangkok Women Writers Group, and as a back cover blurb writer:

“Turmann shows us what he’s capable of by creating a new genre of literature: Quirky Southeast Asia Fiction. Well drawn characters, occasional stunning plot twists…a fascinating read.”
Lois Ann Dort, 2Magazine

Most interestingly my name comes up in a very ridiculous fashion on someone else's blog.

So the donors are offering up to return the yo-yo straight in front of oncoming traffic. The same yo-yo for the plan. For Lois Ann Dort of the DNA and by spending over longer periods of time to execute another, only to return the yo-yo fall gently from the philosophically reflective to the events in the songs Blue Jazz, White Jazz and Milneburg Joys. Such three-star innovations are widely imitated these days None This is often not the problem and the pen flatter, not vertical, and this is an entrenched Madison Avenue establishment called La Goulue.

This really feels like it is out of a Murakami novel. That or it is the proverbially monkey with a typwriter. Whatever it may be I find it interesting to have my name linked with DNA out there in the cyber-world.

Now that I have researched myself, I have to say that I am satisfied with what I have found.

However most of my mark was made in that other life I lead, the Thai incarnation. I guess it is no wonder that I miss those days where I felt like I was on the fast track to becoming someone. I miss the opportunities that were opening up to me in Bangkok, but I don't regret my move. I need to push past the every day and open up my writing life here. Everything is impermanence.

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