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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Introvert and the internet

My co-worker was described as a 'shy' person. However, she has over 750 friends on Facebook. I just passed the 150 friend point and I would definitely not be described as shy. There is a story and /or perhaps a trend in these small details.

Do people who have trouble making friends in the real world find it so much easier in the virtual world that they become the center of the friend universe. Is it something about them that inhibits their face-to-face friend making ability? What makes a person shy? How does the computer and it's distance from real people make it a safe place to accept new friends? Does she really know all these people or are they friends of friends, a face that she has seen enough times to accept the inevitable friend request?

I rarely accept friend requests from people I have only a passing knowledge of- I guess I just want to know what my REAL friends are doing.

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