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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fat of the land

I am preoccupied by something that really doesn't affect me: fat. Its a touchy topic no matter what side of the scale you are on. If you are fat then you become uncomfortable around those who aren't (although those people are becoming a minority group in North America). If you are thin you have to deal with how others look at you with disdain and envy.

I think about fat, read about fat and watch the media for any news about fat. I am not sure why? I used to be bigger than my current weight but I have never been fat and have never been on a diet to loose weight. I have, in my adult years, been satisfied and even content with my body despite it's many flaws.

It seems to me that it must be a cultural artifact in my psyche; this fat obsession. Perhaps a Lamarkian learned trait; my mother and sister were always dieting. Whatever it is, I know I am not alone in my preoccupation.

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