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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Photo Journal around Guysborough

My first day with only one child in tow, lovely, sunny and breezy. Time for a photo tour of my fair village.

The DesBarres Manor is across from our house. It's a Luxury 10 bed Manor house, now open as an upscale Inn.

Kitty Corner to us is The Old Court House Museum. I worked there the summer I graduated from High School. I was constantly warned off fornicating in the little bed in the exhibit room by a matronly lady that I worked with.

Atheist that I am, I live smack dab between two churches. The Catholic Church is to the right and the United to the left. As a child I did attend the United Church. The Catholic Church is currently served by a minister from Nigeria (i think). It has taken some time but I think the natives have gotten used to him.
In my younger days there was a priest here whose name was father Huntley but he was called Father Hunky behind his back. I am sure many young women went to Mass in those days hoping to lure him away from the cloth.

Somehow, I have lost the picture I took of the United church, but here is the lovely deadwood beside it.
And next to the United Church is the Mason's Lodge. Lord knows what goes on there, but they have a lovely new sign this week. Thought I would feature it here.

Next we are going on down the hill to the Wonder Store. This building used to be a creaky old wooden structure painted an amazing red. As kids we occasionally collected bottles off the roadside and went for a trash run to the Wonder Store; it was wondrous.

Across from the Wonder Store in the Old Firehouse, which is now the Mulgrave Road Co-op Theater Company.
As a child we held kindergarten and 4-H in the second story of this building which was the fire hall. I have great memories of black out blinds and macaroni crafts loaded with glue.

Next up, or I should say down, is the waterfront. This is the place where we have our Farmer's Market and Ceilidhs in the summer. The Marina is just behind this building. It's a favorite spot for graduation pics. The Boat launch, is also where the swim portion of the Guysborough Triathlon is held. Suki and I watched the swimmers this year and clapped for them all when they pulled themselves out of the harbour.

Today we spotted this lovely morning glory poking out along the shore near the marina.

Next stop, our local paper. This is a weekly publication which I think stays afloat on the patronage boat. I'm not complaining. I love having the paper here in town- just one more little check mark on our cultural score card.

Up the hill, and we spot a lovely woodpile.

A little further and we get to Christ Church. I can only remember going into this church once; for my Great Grandmother Laura Dort's funeral. I was about 7 years old.

The Church has a great old grave yard in the back and I often let the kids go running around in there. I am sure the sound of the children will lift some of the spirits lurking therein.

Past a few more buildings and almost home.

My neighbors, have a lovely house behind ours. Today I discovered that they also have an amazing peach tree and a very cute doorbell.

And that is our morning tour of my little spot in the universe.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Home again, home again, jiggity, jig, jig.

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