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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet The Teacher

This evening, like many other parents in my area, I am going to Meet the Teacher. Unlike some, but surely not all, I am going toe to toe with my childhood nemesis.

It took over a year for me to process the fact that my child's kindergarten teacher was a woman who had made my life miserable in highland fling, brownies and grade 2. I'll admit, I am not sure it was her that taught the highland fling.

I had seen her at school the previous year but did not recognize her from those early days of animosity.

There were other teachers in my childhood that I did not always get along with but usually it all ended in some kind of mutual respect and tolerance.

I was not an easy child. But most grown ups got past that-not this one. We butted heads upon every meeting and never came to a truce.

Now I am about to step to with her again.

Hannah has been coming home spouting religious platitudes.
--"The Lord gave us apples."
-"No Hannah, the Lord did not give us apples. The farmers hard work and mommy's money at the store gave you apples."

I detest having my child's head filled with religious tripe. Believe if you wish but keep your myths away from my child.

If we are to designate ourselves as any religion it would be Buddhist and until the teacher includes the Lord Buddha in her praise for earthly delights I must insist she keep her comments to herself.

I am sure this will not be the only time I will come up against the cross; after all I do live in North America, but it will, by times, be difficult to live in a Christian country as a non-Christian.

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