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Monday, September 20, 2010

At 2

There is a little creature that lives in my house. She's so unique I resist calling her human. She is much more animal in mind and manner.

The grace of her naked body as it gambols through the day fills me with joy and leaves me staring at her beauty as if she was a newly discovered Caravaggio.

The ticklish sound of her laughter creeps into my shielded body and infects me with it's untamed exuberance.

Her cry is full-throated and wide mouthed. It drills into my skull with a force only nature can exert.

Last night she awoke crying. Her words garbled in an attempt to escape her nightmare. After several minutes she quieted. We watched each other silently, intently-like a hunter does its prey. Finally she said, "I love you" and continued her vigilant stare. I stroked her glossy head and she fell asleep.

I have never been more loved.

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