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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Breaking the block

Is this cheating? Trying to break my writers block.

Your lofty violet heart
embraced my fathomless moonlight.
Pregnant blocks balance my nerve
while melodic rituals clamor to the surface.

I can put these words into my mouth and hold them between my teeth. I could place -I love you- on your lips and remove it with my tongue. Like small edible sugar cubes, tiny blocks, words plucked out of thin air; could be placed in candy bowls for the intellectual delight of visitors. Lofty, livid , anal, science, doctor; occupy one block. The possibilities are endless, scandalous and pornographic. They permit me to chase lewd thoughts and crack the unknowable id.

I can build towers of words and let them crash down into new more compelling patterns.

They have made me feel slightly better about this life with and without words.

I still fell some destructive force building up, about to break out and crash some dishes or make unwise relationship choices. I am hoping to dampen this down like a fire fire whose draft has been closed. I need something new in my life and am looking.

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