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Saturday, April 30, 2011

May Day

For May Day I have been collecting some pictures of people at work around my area.

I got the idea to do this post by seeing a few other pictures that people had taken around town of people at work. Last year, when I was working compiling local histories, it was such pictures of people at work in their everyday lives that were the most prized finds. Work is what we do for a majority of our lives but we rarely have pictures of ourselves doing it.

Provincial Minister of Finance Graham Steele (right) at work trying to sell Guysborough folks on the governments' plan for the economy.

April Sammson from ECRL leading the kids at Kids First in story time.

Working to save lives- the firefighters did water/ice rescue training this winter.

Working for diversity and understanding at the Diversity Food Night organized by Mary Desmond in Upper Big Tracadie.

Our favorite local hairdresser, Tina.

Teachers at work, awarding their students for the years' achievements.

Local face painters working for the recreation department for Canada Day, 2010.

The wheels on the bus go round and round thanks to our driver, Alan.

Taking care of horses at the fall fair, September, 2010.

Painters at work at Antigonight.

Iron worker at Antigonite.

Guysborough Farmers Market crowd at work serving up a 'local' breakfast.

DOT workers getting the signs back up after a hard winter of snow and plow abuse.

Working at the TIANS Meet & Greet at The DesBarres Manor Inn.

Volunteers working for the Guysborough and area food bank.

At work in The Rare Bird Pub & Eatery; putting in yeast and turning the screws on this summers' refreshing Rare Bird Ale.

Teachers at work during an in-service.

Local posties at work.

Your friendly local reporter covering Volunteer Recognition Night in New Harbour.

Happy May Day one and all.

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