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Saturday, November 21, 2015

HaiKube games

S-girls sentences

Violet looks sadly into water.

Life shines with grand, sweet promises.

Watching water with gentle, sweet thoughts.

For life looks clear not curvy.

We are heroes that quickly light life in all.

We many thugs are desperate for candy.

I finally found the villain’s body.

I finally met a time doctor. (Doctor Who)

Those fantasies light her dead brain.

Lois's sentences

We live in an unparalleled universe with livid, hot emotions.

We radicals with lofty, smooth ideals are frequently grounded by age.

We hellbent doctors are heavy with regret.

No heart returns to the alternate love; save in the last days.

If glancing thunder should travel inside her mind, sanity would be restored.

Never travel with the last bottle for you'll surely come to a bad end.

Your through with love, pluck the shelter from your heart and let devastation rule.

If next my ritual charm should fail, the wheel will cease to turn.

One hellbent for fertile love will sow a barren garden.

Parallel lots hoped for a logical conclusion to hate.

Balance any shady hope as if it was the weight of water.

She embraced the simple melodic hand of fortune.

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