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Monday, February 10, 2014

Starting off on the right note

This is not a bucket list thing, this is a -- I finally have the time, money and opportunity—thing. From the early days when as a child I played a masking tape version of the 88 keys at my great-aunt Lois' house, to plinking about with a thorough lack of artistry at my great-aunt Eveleen's—learning the piano has always been one of those things; one of those things that I have longed to pursue.

As a youth I had visions of sitting around the piano and belting out show tunes and Disney classics. In school my friends and I had that opportunity every lunch hour where a piano practice room was made available to us and a die-hard group gathered to sing while one of the 15-year-old girls in our group played endless versions of 'The Rose'.

My favourite CD of all time is my Glenn Gould Goldberg variations-- it is perfect, right down to the huffing breathe sounds on many of the tracks.

Many kids had piano lessons. Many hated them. I didn't have the chance to hate lessons and longed for the chance to get my hands on those black and white keys.

I did play the flute one year. It was an instrument that we had in the house; it had been my mother's and the school I was in that year-- Dawson Creek; the same one with the piano practice room—had band class. My band teacher, Ms. Coats was wonderful and I spent, on average, two hours on practice every day after school and longer on weekends. Ms. Coats was always amazed by my weekly practice sheet totals.

I have several flutes at hand now—a Irish flute and a standard Boehm beauty with intricate filigree on the mouth piece, but instead of stepping back into the past-- and resurrecting my ability to play the flute—I want to move ahead and learn something completely new.


Had my first lesson and it is surprising what a spring it has put in my step. I even played one little practice song.

To Greg Favaro and the Favaro School of Music Performance; that was awesome. It is fabulous to have this opportunity. Thank you so much.

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