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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guysborough run

Today I took a walk on the route I usually run. I start on a little path through a marsh near my house.

The pussy willows are out in the marsh.

Then onto the dirt road --Prince Street.

And down the Trans Canada Trail.

See the water for the trees.

Like any good course there are water hazards.

And it would not be Guysborough without a Christmas tree farm.

Go past the Mill Pond. Every other day there have been ducks on the water--today out and back, no ducks.

Inter-species tree hugging.This birch is wrapping around this spruce. Feel the love.

And a seed that survived a squirrel's very thorough demolition of a winter stock pile of spruce cones.

Tree fall--great place for little critters to lodge.

And almost at my turning point.

I see the sign.

I see civilization--time to head back into the woods.

This is my run--I hope you enjoyed this preview and come out on the trail soon.

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