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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Keep on keeping on

Yesterday was a disappointment. After almost 1 ½ months of running every morning I started having those familiar bowel obstruction pains.

Bowel obstructions are a chronic condition I have been living with since I was born due to massive amounts of surgery to fix a birth defect. Painful obstructions are the price I pay to be alive.

But I thought, this running thing might finally keep them at bay and solve my life long problem. Being active everyday is suppose to keep things moving - but it seems it was a false hope.

Yesterday, perhaps worse then feeling sick was the loss of hope; the hope I briefly had that I might be able to beat this condition that has caused me so much pain over the years.

I got through the night without a trip to the emergency room. The kids slept in my room- probably because they know through experience that I might disappear in the night to be replaced by a relative. They wanted to keep an eye on me; know where I was.

This morning after some coffee I ran slowly for 20 minutes. I'll have a liquid diet for a few days to a week and then hopefully things will go back to normal.

It's been a little depressing to realize there is no way to fight this thing.

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  1. I'm so sorry Lois. I hope that you can minimize the pain though. Perhaps the running is helping that it does not become more severe!