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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Out on the Island

These pics are from my first field season out on Grassy Island, Canso, Nova Scotia 1993? I am postng these for all the Grassy Island Crew.  What a grand time.   Some of the workers include Rob Ferguson (Supervisor),  Rion Microys, Terry Parker, Ginny Boudreau, Joyce Bouchie, Chris Lumsden, Scott Buchanan, Andre Chiasson, Dorothy Bennett, Lois Ann Dort, Henry Fredericks, Patricia Doucette, Bernard Horne, Heather MacLeod, Albert Williams, Scott Livingston. I might not have gotten all the names in; you can always leave a message to add more. 

Year two

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  1. What alot of fun those years were...what a bunch of silliness and an amazing archaeological project. Really enjoyed seeing these Lois! What are you up to these days? I'm still doing archaeology (work for the Mi'kmaq), live with my husband and our two children in Middle Musquodoboit and love our country life. Where are you/ How is life treating you? Drop me a line sometime -