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Sunday, November 7, 2010

TV deprived childhood

This morning I was struck by the thought that my kids will never know the bliss of Saturday morning cartoons. I do not own a TV, but I do admit that I have a guilty yet pleasurable relationship with several TV shows via the internet. My kids however do not have that option. It's my computer and I rule it's output. Occasionally they get to watch holiday specials that I download and a Disney movie circa 1960 or 70 but that is about it.

Are my kids deprived?
Not really, they get viewing time at the babysitters' and at every other house they visit; cousins, grandparents and friends. Instead, our Saturday and Sunday mornings may start with any variety of play things. This morning was puzzles and books and I must say that I am proud of my kids and their ability to entertain themselves effectively.

There are times when I wish for the parental release of the electronic tit, but they are few and far between. If I could mutilate their little minds with technicolor commercials I might get more done in the span of a day. But for their sakes I don't.

I think they will have fonder memories of morning playtime than I have of mornings tuned into Switchback on CBC. Long live the TV deprived childhood.

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