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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Single Life

I recently read a book with the promising title - Single State of the Union: single women speak out on life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I am always looking for a book that will examine the lives of women in a similar situation as I find myself in; single mother with no designs on a permanent attachment. But low and behold, the book was filled with tales of the single life by women who had pulled out of the solo flight plan and were now happily ensconced in the forever after with some male life form.

I don't feel that being part of a couple is a good or bad thing- I would just like to hear a few voices of single, successful and content women.

I once had a friend that had many short term, dramatic and exciting affairs. She never got too worked up about any one man and was carefree and happy in between their comings and goings into and out of her life. I could not imagine being satisfied with such an unsettled, uncommitted life, but now I see I have made my own stability and am committed to myself and my children.

Men may come and go- I enjoy the moment and then move on and return to my own life after a brief and stimulating departure. I need the break I get away from motherhood that men bring into my life but I need the freedom to be me that being single allows. I am not very good at compromise and can't imagine another person in my family's life being anything other than a visitor.

Having said all that; I met a man yesterday and am thinking of how I can get his phone number.

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