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Friday, March 26, 2010

Work Ethic and Me

I love my job. If I was asked to do this pro-bono I would. But today I have run straight into the one part of my job I dislike: the lack of work ethic in my co-worker.

The argument he makes is that we don't get paid enough to do good work on this project. That his good work is worth more than what he is currently being paid. For me, no matter what the wage is, I take pride in the work I am doing and do the best job that I can.

As a teacher, I did not think that my students who paid me 300 baht deserved any less of an education than those that paid me 1000. If anything, they deserved more for they were spending what little free income they had to try to better themselves.

In addition to being cast as a rube for working hard for $10 an hour I was also told that the work which I had done was shallow and would take said co-worker a week to do that same work which has taken me 3 months.

This is my drama for the day. Funnily enough, when I was in Thailand I often heard my fellow expats complain about the work ethic of the Thais. I'll have to admit I was occasionally one of the complainers. But now that I am home I see that it is not just a Thai waitress that will give you a glass with a lipstick smudge; it's the whole world.

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  1. Your colleague sounds like quite a pleasure to work with... hopefully he learns from you.